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ID 358659

Keith Hall

Technology Enthusiast. Co-founder Storagy, Bucketly, Photorg. Team member at @intel. Strong technical background. MS @purdue-university MS @TAMU

ID 220244

Ron Long


Recognized thought leader and visionary who leads through the conveyance of desired outcomes and creating strategic advantages through people and technology

ID 283365

Ashish B. Pawar

Worked at @systematix-infotech

ID 301497

Aaron Thom

Manage portfolio of $8M of environmental remediation projects across four states, $1.6M of break-in work, $400k of structural improvements

ID 21886

Jacob Shiach

Founder @brightwork-coresearch, Synbio Researcher, Maker and Open Science Advocate.

ID 283771

Andrew Lynch

R&D in software & hardware, Robotics Mentor, Entrepreneur, Music & Aviation Aficionado

ID 175909

Will Clifton


Director, R&D @procyrion, Founder @enventure • MD from @baylor-college-of-medicine, BioE at @university-of-southern-california

ID 349236

Ahmed F. Haque

Bioengineering PhD Student at Rice University; Nokia Sensing X Challenge Finalist; HHMI Cancer Research Fellow; Healthcare Innovation Enthusiast

ID 81581

Gregory T Becker

BS, MS, 30 year engineer. Spectacular communication and marketinig skills. I have always provided leadership and added benefits to the team.

ID 193505

Partho Bhowmick

@hp, @merrill-lynch, @pelco-by-schneider-electric • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 328276

You Chia Lai

Master of Architecture candidate at Rice University

ID 24958

Carson Baker

Founder Fictionaut • Worked at @kickstarter, @msnbc

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 323979

Drew Daniels

Founder/VP of Product at Jason's House • Empowering Home Buyers. Computer Science, Software Engineering Background. Studied @texas-a-m-university

ID 87037

Drew Koch

Founder and CEO of @farmplicity. Strong business background (@shutterfly , Best Buy Europe). Wash U BSBA.

ID 394046

Shen Ge

Co-founded nonprofit. (www.spaceacad.org), organized two international conferences, self-learned web development for own projects, worked/s at two startups

ID 271129

Kirt Walker

Rice Elec Engr, MD EmerMed, on practice sabbatical for entre/development CMO Medical InformaticsCorp - Medical Device Info Integration WorldVistA EHR

ID 399997

Andrew Benson

Founder @vcompass • Worked at @hewlett-packard • Studied at @university-of-houston

ID 483270

Ron Zhang

UI/UX web and interaction designer with 15+ years of design experience. Worked with startups and variety of high-tech firms such as Asus, Nvidia, and Motorola.

ID 79949

Justin Waldrip

Studied at @self-taught

ID 2845

Shola Akinlade

Co-founder of @precurio. Our collaboration platform bootstrapped from Lagos,Nigeria & now available in 6 languages with over 20,000 downloads from 154 countries

ID 180686

Alberto Contestabili

Worked at @chartboost, @originate, @everlane,@tripping • Studied at @academy of Art

ID 470728

Cyril G. Manuel IV

Founder GOODLIFERS.com • Studied at @university-of-Houston

ID 262798

Andrew Douglass

I am a web developer, designer, musician, and student. I also help run @UHREDLabs, University of Houston's tech startup accelerator.

ID 466482

Adam Richard

Entrepreneur, Brand Chemist, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Integral Theory & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.

ID 238512

Raghav Shroff

Bioengineering BS/MEng, Synthetic Biology enthusiast, Co-Founder at PancreatRX

ID 470862

Huong Le

I'm looking for a job that relate to graphic art or graphic design

ID 306074

Jeff Case

Founder @100weekly, @Topless Cookbook. Graphic Designer & Operations Manager @Cylex Inc. Design @asu

ID 227144

Benjamin S

Founder of Media Gearbox. Current UHD student majoring in EIS. Strong business background with advanced technical skills.

ID 374591

Matt Fernandez

Visual designer that is familiar with startup environments that can develop clean, modern, organic and human centric designs.

ID 308245

Jessica Woods

Owner of Infiniti Graphics. Strong graphic design and web design background as well as photography and photo editing/manipulation.

ID 204265

Rodney Echols

Worked at @conocophillips, @dmn3 • Studied at @university-of-houston

ID 338801

Rafael Moreno


ID 431904

David Wen

Business-minded front end developer and UI/UX designer who loves using design and technology to solve problems and do good since 2007.

ID 364281

Yonis Kintero

Freelance Visual Designer and Illustrator. Looking to join a UI/UX team that is passionate about crafting seamless experiences.

ID 417060

Roger Williams

Founder TournamentBoard

ID 365588

Danny Zevallos

Web and product designer that loves everything design. Methinks I like shoes and typography too much.

ID 157686

Sanket Korgaonkar

Worked at @university-of-houston-clear-lake-1, @tietronic-inc-capstone-project • Studied at @university-of-houston-clear-lake-1

ID 136898

Nicholas Kristoffersen

ID 365123

Fyza Hashim

Visual Designer delving further into UI/UX design. Worked at CMN. Wants to create products that engage and help others. http://portfolio.14eleven.com

ID 104812

Ranjit Pillai

We are a two mean army my self and my brother who work as a team and loves LAMP more than anything!! iOS and Android developments are our passion!
http://I will comprimise with you on this. If you can get it functional so I can at least show it to the client then I will pay you half of the money. Then when you finish getting the parts to work right, I will pay you the rest.

ID 326839

john martinez

ID 163713

Aneela Rashid

Degree in Visual communications & Graphic Designer, vector artist, pattern designer

ID 490323

Jacob Amador

ID 280799

Jeffrey Manu

Jesus Believer, UX Designer. Brand Strategist. Passionate about entrepreneurship, education and books. Impresario of Africa.

ID 367481

Adana Washington

Independent Front-End Web Developer. Conversion Optimization and Neuromarketing Strategist. Strong IT background (web hosting, troubleshooting and maintenance).

ID 285565

Corey McKeon

Simulation, well test analysis, ms project, matlab, excel, vba,

ID 42419

Ron Presswood

Professional Mechanical Engineer with experience designing Space Flight Hardware at NASA, Environmental Remediation Systems and Consumer and Medical products.

ID 94848

Ahmed Malik

Experienced Executive in Retail Electricity Industry

ID 157363

Lewis Alderete

Founder @dio-apps

ID 71450

Chaplin Edmonson

Chief Designer at @chaplon-clothing-company

ID 11763

Mark Foster

UX architect, product manager, co-founded 3 companies, looking for next big idea

ID 83307

Brandon Wang

16. Creator of online academic planner Schooltraq, director at student initiatives platform Sponsr.Us, and advocate of using tech, design, and edu for change

ID 296500

Ezuma Ofong

Creating opportunities. Entrepreneur, full-stack marketer, product.

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