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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Houston.

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ID 43484

Jordan Thaeler

Founded @whatsbusy. I execute like the Spanish Inquisition. Passionate about value. Conservative business models.

ID 183717

CK Semlani


2 Turnarounds and Exits ; Over $200million in revenue generation; International Experience ; Board Member, Angel Investor; " RainMaker "

ID 194

Marc Nathan


@cubit-planning. Advisor to Giftiki, @storymix-media.

ID 237900

Sungho Yoo

Sales and Marketing Consultant. Always on the lookout for fun, life changing products, that want to grow big and tall :)

ID 201193

Ciprian Stavar

Co-Founder Omnipaste

ID 320228

Armen Allahverdian

ID 14528

Rich Winley

Founder @no-chains as my 4th company. With over 15 years experience in sales and marketing.

ID 87037

Drew Koch

Founder and CEO of @farmplicity. Strong business background (@shutterfly , Best Buy Europe). Wash U BSBA.

ID 241641

Geoff Nordloh

2 startups in Afghanistan; US Air Force comms & recon satellites; Stanford MBA, MSE; Princeton BSE; manage complex engr programs; int'l structure & finance

ID 19937

Patrick Kwiatkowski

CEO of Microcinema Intl. Strong international business background. MBA @university-of-chicago.

ID 141730

Willie Swisher

Founder @noble-iron

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 32058

Ray Birden

Auto Industry Expert. SVP, @carquest; VP of Operations at WorldPac; Founder - @myrepairshop.com

ID 33002

Bryan Guido Hassin

Co-founder of three global cleantech startups (two acquired), CXO of two more (one acquired). @imd-1 MBA, @rice-university CS/EE, and ex @uunet

ID 32030

Malcolm Sykes


Founder of @social-meter-inc

ID 51737

Zaz Floreani


Diggin' big ideas, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Dir of Corp Dev at a Texas startup. Wife of a Texas entrepreneur.

ID 395956

Herbert A. Molina

Created, put together, managed and grew Seagate/Seagate Software, McAfee, Openwave, Sybari Software( acquired by MSFT), Netforensics, OPG Tech in the U.S., LATAM and Europe.

ID 97142

Sarah Worthy

Product Marketing Manager for @tendenci CMS.

ID 212245

Michael Klanac

Founder @gripeo • Founder @simple-apply • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 346997

Hannah Kaplan

ID 121981

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, MBA, PMP

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Project Manager. Work at Uber Opearations. Co-founded BCMPros. Founded @gonzalez-loumiet-group and FuseTank.

ID 143289

Noam Bizman

Worked at @hp-software, @bmc-software, @idf

ID 241899

Adam Helsinger

Adam Helsinger An innovative global executive with a successful track record in developing new business, marketing, managing projects, commercializing technology, and raising capital. http://www.linkedin.com/in/adamhelsinger

ID 301497

Aaron Thom

Manage portfolio of $8M of environmental remediation projects across four states, $1.6M of break-in work, $400k of structural improvements

ID 477616

Brandon Stein

Current Management Consultant at Deloitte, Texas MBA. Looking for challenging opportunity to drive growth, sales and marketing effectiveness. Extremely driven...right team and environment is key!

ID 304782

Joe Schipani

Head of Sales and Marketing at Forbes' 22nd Most Promising Company 2013. Decision scientist and architect, technophile, hater of salespeople, sales 2.0 journeyman, value generator. Site of the moment: http://picard.ytmnd.com/

ID 70179

Annamalai Muthu

Chief Operating Officer/Co-founder at @solspot-systems Inc.

ID 164521

Shreenath Regunathan

ID 110241

Allie Danziger

Founder and President of IntegratePR, social media PR agency.

ID 394046

Shen Ge

Co-founded nonprofit. (www.spaceacad.org), organized two international conferences, self-learned web development for own projects, worked/s at two startups

ID 459268

Roberta Kowalishin

MIT MBA, IT and Gen Mgmt in Corp & High Growth - Looking to Make a Change to Product Marketing, Roadmap, Mgmt, Cross-Industry Experience- Media, Energy, Network

ID 364641

Duncan Dodds


Founder: Big Vision Advisors, Tops Global, Inc., Alliance Media Group. Advisor: Mach10Ventures, Moolala.com. Former CSO, Flippen Group & CEO, Joel Osteen Min.

ID 107915

Luis Salazar

Project Management background (@accenture). Experience with technology startups. Joining Berkeley-Haas MBA program Fall 2012. B.S. Biomedical engineering.

ID 298926

Alfredo Arvide

Technology Marketing Manager, recent grad from Tech Commercialization degree, launched Pushr for iPhone App, looking to be part of the next big thing.

ID 227668

Lord Jesus (Meredith DeDominicis)

Founder A Advantage Safe & Lock, LLC • Worked at @continental-airlines, @cutting-edge-closets

ID 210539

Audrey Lecker

Project Coordinator. Entertainment background. Skilled at building teams, anticipating needs, and implementing new technologies into existing workflow.

ID 121766

Sean Riordan

Investment professional with significant experience in Business Development, Financial Analysis, Sales & Trading for large merchant energy trading companies, O&G producers and start-up energy companies. I’ve been involved and added value to different busi

ID 220244

Ron Long


Recognized thought leader and visionary who leads through the conveyance of desired outcomes and creating strategic advantages through people and technology

ID 330843

Jessica Fenlon

Founder, VP Sales & Marketing @medical-informatics-corp-1. Healthcare software company designing clinical decision support solutions. MBA from Rice University and software consulting background.

ID 431112

Anthony Kimble

Stanford STS; Innovator; Stanford football player; Worked at Accenture; Launched Successful marketing and design firm

ID 455543

Jonathan Tauber

Rice MBA, M&A experience acquiring 2 companies, Energy Commodity Marketing with Logistics Experience

ID 510460

Julian Robert Gonzalez

Individual focused on business development & market penetration.Founder of Philkens Consultant Group.MS Finance at Thunderbird School of Global Mangement

ID 133622

sandeep prasad

I am looking for a career. Not many people can say that they worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers, coached a soccer team, and been an extra in movies.

ID 227867

Calvin Schmidt

President of Rice Entrepreneur Club; Synthetic Biology Researcher at Rice University with First Author Publication; Biotech Equity Research Experience

ID 131746

A.L. Johnson

Account Manager | Client Services | Luxury Brands | Ray of Sunshine Licensing/Business Development Consultant & PT Talent Recruiter All-around busy body

ID 143442

John Elmer

Worked at @ingrain, @s2s-systems-international-llc • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @university-of-houston

ID 119330

Laura Shaeffer

Head of Houston Business Development for @loop-and-tie; M.S. in Global Health and Public Policy from the @university-of-edinburgh; Former junior lobbyist.

ID 487047

Senalka McDonald

Full fellowship to CCA; Core Program Fellow; Created and taught university level classes; Visiting Artist at SMU; Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship and Jurors Award.

ID 64481

Michael Miller

co-founder | sales & marketing at The MobiSolution | Serial entrepreneur.

ID 75000

Zach Doty

SEO Specialist at Forthea in Houston, Texas. Recent graduate from Univ. of the Ozarks (AR).

ID 208685

Manfred Sternberg


Texas Business Lawyer. Health Information Exchange Leader.

ID 293057

Adrian Gallegos

Rice University BIOE, interested in biological solutions to food/energy scarcity and medical device development/maintenance

ID 270141

Zach Capra

ID 331994

David Cross

Founded Ternion CrossFit, Engineer at Shell, Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

ID 283365

Ashish B. Pawar

Worked at @systematix-infotech

ID 314523


Content strategy and writing are two of my favorite things. Fan of SXSW, ACL Music Fest and other entertainment/marketing events.

ID 281187

Xinchen Wang

Senior Analyst at the Yale Investments Office. BA in Economics and Math from Yale. Harvard MBA student beginning fall 2013. Prior internship experiences at Lehman Brothers and Citi.

ID 486917

Dean Alexander

Rice MBA whose only experiences are with startups; intimately familiar with culture and environments focusing on flexibility and sweat equity.

ID 339889

Katherine Chambers

Led U.S. Marketing at @home-away-inc, Marketing and Distribution @starwood-hotels-and-resorts • Studied at @university-of-virginia

ID 457964

John Archer

coming soon

ID 140184

Josh Nakaska

Engg Product Line Manager. EE/CE PhD.

ID 191581

Nathan Guo

Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 406699

Marc Hayes Robinson

CFO/Owner at Bread and Fish, LLC. A diverse background, with a combination of legal knowledge as well as significant understanding of marketing strategies...I am currently learning certain programing languages (javascript, ruby, python)

ID 78443

Orin Ford Flask

business development

ID 358535

Michelle Zippelli

Digital Marketing Guru, Food and Wine Enthusiast

ID 362466

Diana Massaro

Experienced Technology Marketing Executive

ID 385585

Tom Hughes

Marketing, advertising and sales for NRG Energy and AT&T. Co-Founder Kelly Hughes Designs. Investor and marketing advisor to start-ups and SMB's.

ID 347653

John Polivka

Louisiana State University student, Writing/Finance enthusiast, 2-time published author, 2-time intern at Gregg & Valby, LLP

ID 431904

David Wen

Business-minded front end developer and UI/UX designer who loves using design and technology to solve problems and do good since 2007.

ID 330790

Linda Marroquin

I have designed 30 apps using Patented User Interface technologies, I have launched 3 apps, working on the next 5.

ID 324771

Robert M. Franklin III

Strategy and Finance professional looking to work in Banking tech.

ID 273522

Bhavesh Patel

Strong business mind focusing on financial analysis, modeling, forecasting, sales and marketing.

ID 211292

Jan-Oliver Schmidt


ID 456399

Derek Roosken

Texas A&M EET, Engineer at Texas Instruments, L-3 Communications, and Cisco Systems. Strong entrepreneur aspirations. Experience in Sales, EE, marketings, Software, etc.

ID 112725

Nader Islam

University of Texas at Austin; Masters in Accounting. 5 years spent in a combination of public accounting and operations analysis. Passionate and ready to translate corporate competency to a startup.

ID 116504

Austin Smither Langley

Marketing, Sales, and Entreperneurship

ID 297751

Reenu Lodha

Worked as Marketing Director at Maykah, Inc. Facebook and Google Advertising expert. Diverse background (Unilever and Applied Materials+ start ups and strong marketing+technical skills). University of Florida MBA 2011.

ID 379061

Aynne Kokas, Ph.D.

Fulbright scholar, UCLA PhD and international award winning communications researcher with multi-year social media and market entry strategy experience.

ID 174660

Matthew Pautz

Founder @enventure, @brightwork-coresearch • Worked at @baylor-college-of-medicine-1 • Studied at @baylor-college-of-medicine, @augustana-college

ID 308245

Jessica Woods

Owner of Infiniti Graphics. Strong graphic design and web design background as well as photography and photo editing/manipulation.

ID 460696

Sham Prasad Sridhar

Experience in searching for opportunities, seeing technological trends and evaluating novel product offerings for potential commercialization.

ID 466482

Adam Richard

Entrepreneur, Brand Chemist, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Integral Theory & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.

ID 495693


Small business, high growth experience

ID 510330

Armen Suny

BS in Econ and BBA from #1 Entrepreneurship Program. Interned in finance, worked on team that got a book to NYT bestsellers list, also not an asshole

ID 498868

Matt Dietrichson

Proven community organizer, event planner and educator. Worked at award-winning non-profit organization. High energy, fast learner, passion for sustainability.

ID 308039

Lia Oprea

Innovative education specialist looking to branch out into the evolving technological era.

ID 338117

Chris Lukolyo, MBA

Expert in digital, online, social and mobile marketing strategies and platforms, as well as data collection and analytics

ID 219092

Sudhendu Kashikar

Strong business background. Brought several new technologies to market.

ID 318030

Carolina Chavez

Mother, Loves to play, Sees the world as a cartoon

ID 445456

jamion Blackwell

Creative professional with extensive background in branding and product dev for luxury, games, tech and media. 20 yrs/exp

ID 249049

Willie Tran

Co-founder of SyncReel. Supply Chain Analytics for Sysco. High level of Supply Chain, Finance, and Customer Service background.

ID 507300

♕ Farid Premani ♕


Founder Aleedex Inc • International Technology Consultant worked in five diverse countries with Off Shore development house in US and Pakistan.

ID 446831

Rodney Day

Successful at building large high-performance sales teams and leading sophisticated sales and marketing organizations to new levels of success.

ID 161409

Michael Metzler, MBA, CSM

Worked at @SoftwaySolution @heatwaveint @ILIOSLighting • Studied at @universitat-autonoma-barcelona, @saint-edward-s-university - CSM & MBA in Digital Media Management

ID 270556

Larry D. Lewis

Founder @mykelarry @ Urbflix • Studied at @full-sail-university-1 University Worked as a 3rd party with Google

ID 352747

Damien Franco

Creativity + Analytics = Modern Marketing

ID 491072

Andrew Safier

Experience in operations & product mgmt. 6 Sigma black belt. Baylor entrepreneurship BBA. Advanced project mgmt, process improvement, & negotiation skills.

ID 262798

Andrew Douglass

I am a web developer, designer, musician, and student. I also help run @UHREDLabs, University of Houston's tech startup accelerator.

ID 391457

Dana Martin

Founder @express-legal-service, @onsite-transport • Worked at @terrapetro-llc

ID 321538

Thoa Nguyen

Project manager at Snooplo.com

ID 434006

Ahmed Raza

ID 128374

J&B Professional

ID 452224

Jacob Hines

Entrepreneur, Mobile Computing Enthusiast, Customer Relationship Manager

ID 365065

Billie Bodine III

Internet Professional / Technology Specialist, specialization in networking

ID 388846

Gregory Wesley

Real Estate Broker with techincal background

ID 467617

Brandon Jenkins

ID 227144

Benjamin S

Founder of Media Gearbox. Current UHD student majoring in EIS. Strong business background with advanced technical skills.

ID 480727

Craig Crisler

Business Growth and Innovation Executive

ID 414885


Working as SEO for Shop Cheap Energy

ID 177895

Johnny Mathis II

Vendor Consultant of 1800Registry.com; Strong Sales and Negotiation background. Worked for Cbeyond as a top sales producer .

ID 217732

Austin Moran

Founder of Vermont Print Recycling. B.S. in e-Biz Mgmt. Focused on Agile Development, Marketing, Media industry disruption

ID 246378

Rob Ainbinder

Successfully raised visibility for B2B & B2C brands.Worked at Entrust Energy, Reliant/NRG, Hafele America, and Gilbarco Veeder-Root

ID 434662

Kevin Liu

Management Consultant from Deloitte and now Supply Chain Manager at Air Liquide; served JPMC, Walmart, ConocoPhillips, BP, UMDNJ looking for a new challenge

ID 356705

Melissa Sims

Creative, motivated, and skilled Graphic Designer with experience in sports graphics, marketing and print design.

ID 425626

Phillip Roe

ID 206480

Rebecca Sims

Studied at @saint-edward-s-university

ID 428907

Kate Holland

Worked at @zara • Studied at @sam-houston-state-university

ID 259821

Naren Duvvuru

Experienced in ramping up start-ups with minimal resources to go-to-market across enterprises, smbs.

ID 311424

Jon Nordby

15+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Organizational Efficiency. Owned, operated and consulted for multiple orgs. in various industries

ID 475293

Meghana Govindarao Appurao

ID 479628

Salima Dhamani

ID 331009

Rickeno Bullard, MBA

Commercial Pilot and Top Graduate MBA, Diversified business background, 2 startups pending patents.

ID 482148

Gina Babineaux


ID 479963

Sean Thompson

Multi-talented project manager with a strong drive for self-improvement and setting ambitious goals.

ID 285565

Corey McKeon

Simulation, well test analysis, ms project, matlab, excel, vba,

ID 296500

Ezuma Ofong

Creating opportunities. Entrepreneur, full-stack marketer, product.

ID 482922

Crystal Bailey


ID 315579

Sacha Chatoor

ID 498008

Ted Smith

ID 207235

Chinamarie Becerra

Houston's Hottest Hostess - The Entertainment Startup Consultant, CEO of Sirens Promo, Radio Personality for Dirtbag Radio, DJ Manager, Host on The Ruben Stunner Show, Content Coordinator for Voodoocru Mag - Houston

ID 505195

Lakshman Thiruvenkatachari

ID 280799

Jeffrey Manu

Jesus Believer, UX Designer. Brand Strategist. Passionate about entrepreneurship, education and books. Impresario of Africa.

ID 108318

Steven Orbuch

MBA Student

ID 289266

Meera Iyer

VP Partnerships AMEX, Worked across Europe, US Markets, Three Industries (Payments, Travel, B2B Card)Strong Marketing/.Bus Dev Background(Univ of Chicago MBA, Physics Undergrad)

ID 237887

Barrett Lauer

ID 325596

Shubham Kumar

Tufts University 2013. Engineer. Passionate about technology, management, and innovation.

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