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ID 471066

Eshan Kejriwal

OwlSpark Accelerator Team, Company Founder, @rice-university

ID 304045

Mert Dogan

Investment Banker with Electrical Engineering and Engineering Management Background, 3 years of Investment Banking, 3 years of Research

ID 112725

Nader Islam

University of Texas at Austin; Masters in Accounting. 5 years spent in a combination of public accounting and operations analysis. Passionate and ready to translate corporate competency to a startup.

ID 496875

Job Chan

Former Apparel Company Owner working with Wongfu, now Full-Time Consultant

ID 33002

Bryan Guido Hassin

Co-founder of three global cleantech startups (two acquired), CXO of two more (one acquired). @imd-1 MBA, @rice-university CS/EE, and ex @uunet

ID 331994

David Cross

Founded Ternion CrossFit, Engineer at Shell, Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

ID 486917

Dean Alexander

Rice MBA whose only experiences are with startups; intimately familiar with culture and environments focusing on flexibility and sweat equity.

ID 132386

Cory Oliver

Co-founder @threedegrees; London Business School MBA.

ID 292256

Murali Maddipatla

ID 134041

Ryan Jones


Product & Business Operations Manager. Data nut. Interested in iOS software eating the world. @duke-university

ID 510460

Julian Robert Gonzalez

Individual focused on business development & market penetration.Founder of Philkens Consultant Group.MS Finance at Thunderbird School of Global Mangement

ID 104024

Nathan Cherry

Project Finance / Infrastructure Attorney turned Energy Investment Banker

ID 125167

Jhett Nelson


Worked at @rbs-greenwich-capital, @Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @college-of-william-and-mary

ID 429689

Reed Hatch

Senior Associate at EIV Capital. McCombs MBA 2013. Venture Fellow.

ID 324771

Robert M. Franklin III

Strategy and Finance professional looking to work in Banking tech.

ID 363613

Ricardo Small

Strategic Finance Advisory with business development, consulting experience, and a passion for helping others.

ID 406699

Marc Hayes Robinson

CFO/Owner at Bread and Fish, LLC. A diverse background, with a combination of legal knowledge as well as significant understanding of marketing strategies...I am currently learning certain programing languages (javascript, ruby, python)

ID 378492

Christopher Ringswald

Current Investment Banking analyst with hedge fund experienc

ID 365067

Bobbie Dani

Founder Grendangel Enterprises, an entrepreneur in all sense of the word!

ID 311089

Alan Daniel

Founder of The College Connect • Studied at @university-of-texas-dallas • Strong Finance Background

ID 510330

Armen Suny

BS in Econ and BBA from #1 Entrepreneurship Program. Interned in finance, worked on team that got a book to NYT bestsellers list, also not an asshole

ID 292386

Kyle Wilson

Co-Founder @prosreport-1, Analyst @nrg Energy, Analyst @united-bank

ID 467617

Brandon Jenkins

ID 479628

Salima Dhamani

ID 303179

Agrama Mannapperuma

ID 500087

Maurice Robinson

College Kid #TxSU16 | Recording Artist | Business Man | New Hyghts COMING SOON | Empier ENT | Get With It Or Get Left Behind

ID 64779

Raj Mistry

Investment Banker. Tech Enthusiast.

ID 249049

Willie Tran

Co-founder of SyncReel. Supply Chain Analytics for Sysco. High level of Supply Chain, Finance, and Customer Service background.

ID 160915

Micah Stubbs

I enjoy building new tools for information work that free people from tasks better entrusted to machines

ID 329433

Susanne Susholtz

Looking for an investor to get my idea going

ID 446831

Rodney Day

Successful at building large high-performance sales teams and leading sophisticated sales and marketing organizations to new levels of success.

ID 434662

Kevin Liu

Management Consultant from Deloitte and now Supply Chain Manager at Air Liquide; served JPMC, Walmart, ConocoPhillips, BP, UMDNJ looking for a new challenge

ID 437184

Austin Dragoun

Masters of Accounting student @OleMiss

ID 482780

Sofia Marcos Diogo

Financial Analyst (US), previously Research Analyst at Hedge Fund (Zurich CH), 2012 CEMS MIM MS Graduate. Passionate about Clean Tech and Energy.

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