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ID 218292

Hana Wang

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 299730

Dan (Clay) Ellis


Tech Entrepreneur. Owned consulting practice specializing in software development and big data with Global 500 clients. Building Enterprise startup.

ID 175909

Will Clifton


Director, R&D @procyrion, Founder @enventure • MD from @baylor-college-of-medicine, BioE at @university-of-southern-california

ID 62353

Sameer Soleja

CEO of Molecule. @university-of-michigan MBA, Adjunct at @university-of-houston-1. 10+ years developing enterprise software @sungard @ibm @bearingpoint.

ID 9333

Mark E. Chiles

CEO/Co-Founder, @archiosoft; CIO, Hart Energy; Chief Developer, @m-c-computers; Oldest of 5 kids; Still a kid at heart; Father of 2 awesome boys! Atypical IT Pro.

ID 49719

Patrick Navarro

CTO and co-founder of @whimseybox. Previously co-founded @bestfriendbox, worked at @gowalla, @amd, @vaynermedia

ID 193505

Partho Bhowmick

@hp, @merrill-lynch, @pelco-by-schneider-electric • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @indian-institute-of-technology-delhi

ID 5006

Lavon Woods

CTO / Founder of @gamebuilder-studio, Lead UI Team @ Shutterfly, Lead Dev. @ Fujitsu Founded Revelation Designz, BA in 3D Animation

ID 107247

Alec Manfre

Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology; Experience in Smart Grid, microelectronics, and human centered design. Front-end developer, with experience in ZigBee networking.

ID 24958

Carson Baker

Founder Fictionaut • Worked at @kickstarter, @msnbc

ID 80089

Zeeshan Yousuf

Developer at Fayceoff. Worked at SocialCubix as lead developer, developed @facebook application and Webs.

ID 121150

Robert Dale Smith

Entrepreneur, Full Stack Developer, Founder of @mote-labs-1 & author of Chromemote.com and Flinger.co. Microsoft Imagine Cup & Red Labs Accelerator Alum

ID 168910

Adam Sunderland

IT - @brainfund • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 249846

Omprakash Gnawali

Faculty Univ. Houston, Postdoc Stanford, Ph.D. USC, MS/BS MIT

ID 39120

Brian Krpec

CEO of Big Data Elephants, 15+ yrs from start-ups to enterprise, prior work at Infochimps (sold to CSC), Performix Inc. (SAP landscape), Cognos (sold to IBM).

ID 145956

Brian Smith

ME from Georgia Tech. Web developer with a year of agency experience. Co-founded Starfish (social calendar) and EZ-Diner (a better wait list for restaurants).

ID 142779

Mohith Julapalli

Founder & CTO @boutiika. Strong education & industry experience in both tech (BS CS/EE Rice; MS CS Stanford; Oracle) & legal (JD Stanford; Latham & Watkins)

ID 143441

Paul Bailey

Father, web developer, and pizza maker

ID 307473

Mark Sullivan

Embedded systems programming and hardware design, bare metal micros, and mechatronics.

ID 394046

Shen Ge

Co-founded nonprofit. (www.spaceacad.org), organized two international conferences, self-learned web development for own projects, worked/s at two startups

ID 163631

Christopher Harrod

Software engineer & project manager with 12 years experience in finance technology. Looking for new opportunities. C++, Unix, Python, data management.

ID 323979

Drew Daniels

Founder/VP of Product at Jason's House • Empowering Home Buyers. Computer Science, Software Engineering Background. Studied @texas-a-m-university

ID 92227

David Kent

Founded @rigzone.com and sold to Dice Holdings in 2010.

ID 103282

Adam Simmons

Founder of @khrona (we make @awesomium). Worked at Stanford. Strong programming background. BS in Computer Science.

ID 205341

Lutherine Faye Ester


Founder July 2012, The Close 2

ID 47863

Barrett Ames

Robotics Engineer: I'm here to make the impossible, possible

ID 373264

Allen Bettisworth

Experience building solutions from concept to production as a freelancer.

ID 390774

Tyler Young

Rice Bioengineer; Masters student at Virginia Tech

ID 311939

Irfan Ahmed

Founder Myke Larry

ID 365318

Sergey Kolos

Co-Founder of Foodsitter. 7 years of trading systems and models in Citigroup. UT at Austin PhD in Compuational Math. Superstrings as MS physics student.

ID 335317

Chris Athaide

CoFounder, Cygnet Risk Group, Ltd.

ID 227668

Lord Jesus (Meredith DeDominicis)

Founder A Advantage Safe & Lock, LLC • Worked at @continental-airlines, @cutting-edge-closets

ID 392024

Mandy Liu Brake

Co-Founder @lrngo • Former Applications Engineer at @texas-instruments • Studied at @rice-university, @northwestern-university

ID 283771

Andrew Lynch

R&D in software & hardware, Robotics Mentor, Entrepreneur, Music & Aviation Aficionado

ID 330811

Lucas Blancas

ID 358659

Keith Hall

Technology Enthusiast. Co-founder Storagy, Bucketly, Photorg. Team member at @intel. Strong technical background. MS @purdue-university MS @TAMU

ID 66217

Troy Wilson

Founder @konfide

ID 371728

Derek Kastner

Jack of all web trades, I can dive into many projects and problems and quickly start contributing.

ID 176744

Adrien Pellerin

Senior CS Major at @rice-university University. Interned at @indeed, @getglue through NYC Turing Fellows Program.

ID 271129

Kirt Walker

Rice Elec Engr, MD EmerMed, on practice sabbatical for entre/development CMO Medical InformaticsCorp - Medical Device Info Integration WorldVistA EHR

ID 468355

Matt Vagnoni

CTO at several startups. Startup Programmer looking to learn and grow; NLP/AI/ML; Knowledge Modeling; Data as a Service

ID 249771

Zach Conn

Rice math major, programming since 11 years old, exposure to almost every modern programming language.

ID 283365

Ashish B. Pawar

Worked at @systematix-infotech

ID 75000

Zach Doty

SEO Specialist at Forthea in Houston, Texas. Recent graduate from Univ. of the Ozarks (AR).

ID 219516

Leland Richardson

Software Developer & Imagineer. I like learning, discussing, and diving into challenges. Founder of http://tech.pro

ID 508039

Jack Peterman

Co-Founder of Reach • Studied at Vanderbilt University.

ID 118790

Joel Macaluso

Worked at @mtgk-institute • Studied at @rice-university

ID 476974

Daniel Zapata

Studied at @case-western-reserve-university

ID 431904

David Wen

Business-minded front end developer and UI/UX designer who loves using design and technology to solve problems and do good since 2007.

ID 232592

Matt Delhey

Statistics undergrad @ Rice; data analysis, visualization, and machine learning in R -- telling meaningful stories with data.

ID 292256

Murali Maddipatla

ID 349236

Ahmed F. Haque

Bioengineering PhD Student at Rice University; Nokia Sensing X Challenge Finalist; HHMI Cancer Research Fellow; Healthcare Innovation Enthusiast

ID 457964

John Archer

coming soon

ID 293057

Adrian Gallegos

Rice University BIOE, interested in biological solutions to food/energy scarcity and medical device development/maintenance

ID 21886

Jacob Shiach

Founder @brightwork-coresearch, Synbio Researcher, Maker and Open Science Advocate.

ID 415616

Gilberto Hernandez

Rice EE, some background in CS/Software, building mobile education apps for underserved schools

ID 173958

Vijay Kumar

Founder @www-bookrental-in • Worked at @schlumberger • Studied at @texas-a-m-university

ID 262798

Andrew Douglass

I am a web developer, designer, musician, and student. I also help run @UHREDLabs, University of Houston's tech startup accelerator.

ID 210242

Oscar Gomez

Founder of @corv-studios, passionate full stack developer, and serial technical entrepreneur.

ID 181283

John Hemmick

Seeking new adventures, opportunities and challenges in a new city: an adept communicator and natural leader strongly motivated by embedded systems.

ID 480288

Justin Sebastian

UNC Alumni, 1 Facebook application, 1 Android application, IBM Co-op, PMO Analyst at fortune 200 company, LAMP stack

ID 455952

Gabriel Terrel

Cisco Computer Engineer with People Skills & Business Acumen, Certified Scrum Master, Android App Developer, Embedded Developer, Lean Startup Entrepreneur

ID 83262

Bryan Goines 

"Polyglot" Software Engineer specialized in Rails, jQuery / Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, and much more.

ID 469874

Balraj Randhawa

I have worked on more than 25 mobile apps on iOS, Android, and HTML5 . I want to work for startups and companies of all sizes to develop their mobile strategy.

ID 456399

Derek Roosken

Texas A&M EET, Engineer at Texas Instruments, L-3 Communications, and Cisco Systems. Strong entrepreneur aspirations. Experience in Sales, EE, marketings, Software, etc.

ID 318477

John Barnes

MBA holding Lean process specialist with experience in .Net development, windows server administration, as part of internationally distributed team.

ID 454737


Looking for internships for summer 2014; Computer Science Major at Smith College; Geo Programmer for Smith College Spatial Analysis Lab

ID 502384

Guillermo Gonzalez

MBA with Finance concentration. CS and Math BSc. Programming since childhood. Have worked as consultant mostly for financial cos and telcos.

ID 168029

Devin Jones

Worked at @md-anderson-cancer-center • Studied at UT/MDA-MS in Biomedical Science/Cancer Genetics • Studied at UT, Austin-BS in Human Bio: Genetics and Biotech.

ID 377231

Abhishek Sarihan

Worked at Cerner and currently at Calpine as a software developer in Java, .NET and R. Done projects on side to enhance PM and software skills

ID 307185

Matt Mitchell

Built teams and products in multiple industries with both business and consumer focus. Full stack experience, from data center to "cloud" services.

ID 258904

Aaron Ortbals

Full-stack web developer and product manager. Experience with front-end and back-end technologies building high-quality features and solving problems.

ID 460696

Sham Prasad Sridhar

Experience in searching for opportunities, seeing technological trends and evaluating novel product offerings for potential commercialization.

ID 277810

Karl Katzke

Full-stack systems guy, from bare metal to UX, but speaks plain English for sales and management types. Tool maker. Tool user. Interested in fun puzzles.

ID 155084

Keyur Patel

Studied at University of Houston

ID 204405

Michael Thompson

Studied at @mba-1, @ashford-university-1

ID 72302

Chris Grant

Founder of @instia. Programmer, designer and web developer.

ID 352604

Antarr Byrd

Developer that believes opensource will save the world

ID 157686

Sanket Korgaonkar

Worked at @university-of-houston-clear-lake-1, @tietronic-inc-capstone-project • Studied at @university-of-houston-clear-lake-1

ID 262603

Lilly Yang

Founder Oriental Medway

ID 125552

James Black

ID 495766

Kaleb Fulgham

Application Lead on Cloud Products @PROS_Inc. Full Stack Web Engineer. Focus on Front-end JavaScript Backbone.js. Love God. Love People. Love Coffee.

ID 160915

Micah Stubbs

I enjoy building new tools for information work that free people from tasks better entrusted to machines

ID 79949

Justin Waldrip

Studied at @self-taught

ID 78255

Isaac Shi

Co-Founder of Kbuuk.com, A Cloud/Tablet based eBook publishing platform designed for the social age. Co-Founder & CTO at @prognosis-health-information-systems

ID 204269

Sabaina Bukhari

Founder @pigeonly. Partner at @Egreen Web Sevices LLC.

ID 234375

Makarand Vairagare

VP - Mobilty Practice Head at Progetan. In depth understanding of Mobile Business Landscape with special focus on Enterprise Mobility, Healthcare, Location Based Services, Mobile advertising, mVoIP, and Product Engineering. - Strong Presales, Business D

ID 216055

Cole Harris

Twenty years professional experience as a manager/lead/team member of computational algorithm/software development and data analysis projects.

ID 391392

Yinuo Wang

Rice CS, has many experience

ID 123696

Rick Johnson

ID 44675

Raj Balakrishnan

Entrepreneur, Enterprise eCommerce Architect, Founder of QPIN.ME.

ID 480006

Gerardo Garcia

Deployed Enterprise Applications for internal and external customers. Strong enterprise development, project management, project execution, operations.

ID 247313

Dustin Ward

Founder GoZabba • Worked at @gvo, @aquasol-controllers

ID 249479

Kevin Delgado

Studied at @university-of-houston, developer at @lookallure

ID 180207


Founder @globalf2f

ID 321060

Wade Salazar

ID 470797

Kevin Turner

Launched a successful messaging app

ID 41429

Kheiver Roberts

Founder EventBoost. Bachelor Comuter Science and Mathematics (Midwestern).

ID 93177

Brad Raiford

Associate - IT Advisory Services/Information Protection at KPMG

ID 324419

Josh Whitehead

Self-taught; fast learner; love to spend time learning anything new, especially new technologies and frameworks.

ID 105233

Quentin Davis


ID 104812

Ranjit Pillai

We are a two mean army my self and my brother who work as a team and loves LAMP more than anything!! iOS and Android developments are our passion!
http://I will comprimise with you on this. If you can get it functional so I can at least show it to the client then I will pay you half of the money. Then when you finish getting the parts to work right, I will pay you the rest.

ID 479963

Sean Thompson

Multi-talented project manager with a strong drive for self-improvement and setting ambitious goals.

ID 320060

Vinod Kumar Nair

Experienced IT professional. Tech: Microsoft Technologies, C#.NET Domain: Energy Trading, ETRM, Banking and Finance

ID 285565

Corey McKeon

Simulation, well test analysis, ms project, matlab, excel, vba,

ID 363671


HPC System engineer

ID 280977

Eddie Rogers

Math guy with loads of .net experience at startups. PhD student at UH currently.

ID 503121


Masters student at University of Houston in Computer Science, working as Teaching Assistant,2 years work experience in TCS, Intern at UNICO software's

ID 319718

Luis Gutierrez

ID 384410

Waygene Koay

Senior Consultant at Quorum Business Solutions, Business Liaison for several upstream clients providing technical support for land and GIS applications

ID 65380

Kevin Whitley

Founder of Findthatstyle, Web Architect & Programmer

ID 80374

chad hatten

chad hatten

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